Water distribution software


Beneficiaries all over the world

40,000+ beneficiaries

Distribution areas in Asia, Africa and Europe

21 distribution areas
Smartphone app

Facilitate water meter readings and door to door payment collection

Smartphone app
Reporting & monitoring

Real-time reporting, data vizualization, KPI calculation

Reporting & monitoring


Water distribution software

Wamasys allows you to manage easily the distribution of water and other essential services, from meter reading to invoicing and reporting.

Wamasys capture

Water meter reading

Paper collection list, dedicated smartphone application or automatic with smart water meters


Multiple invoicing functions (consumption, one-off payments, installments, etc.)
Invoicing frequency is also totally flexible, allowing for micro-payments in underprivileged areas


Cash, mobile money or online payments
Record payments in agency or in the field through our software or directly in the application
Flexible payment options to suit with needs of all populations


Real-time access to data overview using big data technology: KPIs calculation, accounting, water consumption and payments, water leak detection, payment incidents, etc. Honoree of 2019 Elastic award.

The best of


Smartphone application

Facilitate water meter readings and onsite payment collection. Offline app, synchronized instantly when connected to the WiFi

Water leak detection

Real-time alerts in case of unusual water consumption

Mobile money

Mobile money payments are directly synchronized in Wamasys

Big data reporting

Instant access to consolidated data analysis, completely adaptable to your processes.

Smart water meters

Automatized water meter readings for real-time overview of water consumption and diminution of the risk of reading errors.

Data synchronization

Use Wamasys Collect App offline to ease meter readings and payment collection in areas with no connexion, data is synchronized instantly when connected to WiFi.


Our commitments

Delivering essential services to all communities

Wamasys can be used for all utility services, whether billed based on consumption, fixed rate, installment plan, etc.

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Water, waste, sanitation

Wamasys is used in Asia, Africa and Europe and contributes to deliver water and waste management services to over 35,000 beneficiaries.

Servicing all populations

Wamasys was initially designed to help the French non-profit organization Water & Life to provide water in underprivileged urban areas. We will continue to develop our software to suit the needs of all populations.

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Supporting the underprivileged

Wamasys’ native functions are easy to use and very intuitive. We can also adapt it further to your processes.

Meter reading
Best service for our users
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Key figures



Benefit from distribution of water and other services (waste management, sanitation, etc.) thanks to Wamasys


Invoices / month

Produced by Wamasys (includes areas with high-frequency payments)


Distribution areas

In Asia, Africa and Europe
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Helping water operators to save time and optimize their processes since 2013




Wamasys was initially developed with the non-profit organization
Water and Life

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